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Features and Advantages of Refrigeration and Heating Circulators

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Features and Advantages of Refrigeration and Heating Circulators


Refrigeration and heating circulators are used in bioengineering, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum and other fields to provide high-precision, controlled, and uniform temperature constant field sources. Department-specific thermostatic equipment.

The high and low temperature circulator adopts PID intelligent control, automatically adjusts the power output according to the chemical process technology, precisely controls the temperature of the reaction process, and meets the requirements of the reaction process for temperature changes.

The refrigeration heating recirculating chiller adopts a specially customized circulating pump, which can provide a flow rate that generates less pressure and heat and achieves high heat exchange efficiency. Less system resistance, less pump system heat, less system energy consumption.

The entire liquid cycle of the equipment is completely closed, with an expansion vessel. The expansion vessel and liquid circulation of the system are adiabatic and do not participate in the liquid circulation. Regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high or low, the medium in the expansion vessel is below 60°C.

The refrigeration and heating circulator is controlled by PLC, with a more user-friendly display interface (man-machine interface), which is easy to operate, and can display the set temperature, outlet temperature, and temperature change curve in the kettle body during the working process, and realize multi-stage temperature programming of the program. The fuzzy PID temperature control technology of the equipment means that it does not require a mathematical model of the controlled object, and can adjust the parameters online and in real time. When the instrument has great time-varying and nonlinear changes, it can quickly and accurately calculate the appropriate duty cycle, and achieve a relatively stable effect at a faster speed.

The large-screen liquid crystal display of the high and low temperature circulator can provide more instrument status or working information, subverting the traditional instrument that can only set the temperature. Users can use the instrument more intuitively and conveniently. Adopt multiple protection design, over current protection, high and low temperature protection, over temperature protection, low liquid level sound and light alarm, prevent dry burning protection.

The entire liquid cycle is also a closed system, which can achieve no water vapor absorption at low temperature and no oil mist generation at high temperature.

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Water Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to +50°C



Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

Temperature Control Range: -120°C to +350°C




Automobile Test Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -40°C to +100°C




Semiconductor Test Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -85°C to +250°C




Industrial Refrigerators

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -10°C


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