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Features and Advantages of LNEYA Explosion-proof Chillers

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Features and Advantages of LNEYA Explosion-proof Chillers


1. Low failure rate: The chiller uses high-quality imported twin-screw compressors, and its running parts are only 1/10 of those of reciprocating compressors, and the vibration is only 1/5 of those of reciprocating compressors, and no foundation is required. The failure rate is only 1/10 of the reciprocating compressor, plus the brand’s control devices, to ensure that the unit can run safely and stably for a long time.​​
2. Energy saving: The screw compressor has a partial load function. Through multi-head cooperation and PLC control technology, the unit can achieve a better energy efficiency ratio at full load or partial load, significantly reducing your operating costs. We can provide four-stage (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) and stepless energy regulation for your choice.​​
3. Safety: The unit provides complete protection from the refrigerant system, the electrical system to the water system, which fully guarantees the safe and normal operation of the unit. Compressor motor overheating, overcurrent, abnormal phase sequence, low oil level, low pressure, high pressure and other protection.​​
4. High efficiency: The unit adopts a compressor with higher efficiency than the reciprocating compressor, combined with the use of a high-efficiency enhanced heat exchanger, so that the unit has strong applicability and high efficiency.​​
5. Flexible: The unit can provide various models from 40 to 460RT for you to choose through the combination of various compressors, and one of them must meet your needs. We can also customize it for you according to your request.​​
6. Convenience: The unit adopts advanced PLC control technology, which truly realizes “one-key start-up” and fully automatic operation without human intervention.
The above units are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, machinery and other flammable gas dangerous places. The unit has superior explosion-proof performance, reliable quality and safe operation. At the same time, the company can design and manufacture various non-standard chillers according to user requirements.

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