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Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezer

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Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezer

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1. Definition and working principle of explosion proof refrigerator freezer

Compared with ordinary refrigerators, explosion proof refrigerator freezer is a special refrigerator specially used in special industrial environments (such as storage of some flammable and explosive reagents, medicines are easy to volatilize at room temperature), and adopts integrated explosion-proof technology , an explosion-proof refrigerator system manufactured in accordance with the hazard level of the industrial environment.

Before talking about the working principle of the explosion-proof refrigerator, let’s talk about the reason why the refrigerator explodes. The refrigerator is a kind of refrigerator that can automatically adjust the temperature in the box to ensure that the indoor items are always at a stable temperature. When the actual temperature in the refrigerator When the temperature is higher than the rated temperature, the temperature control switch in the box will be turned on; otherwise, it will be turned off when the temperature is lower than the rated temperature. Due to the repeated switching, electric sparks will inevitably be generated. If the box is flammable and For explosive items, the static electricity or electric sparks generated can easily ignite the items, which brings great safety hazards. Therefore, according to the three major conditions of explosion, industrial explosion-proof refrigerators install explosion-proof boxes in the box to prevent the contact between combustible sources and combustibles. Thereby preventing the occurrence of explosion.


Explosion Proof Refrigerator Freezer


2. Classification of explosion proof refrigerator freezer

Regarding the classification of industrial explosion-proof refrigerators, according to their structural forms, there are mainly multi-door multi-temperature explosion-proof refrigerators, double-door double-temperature explosion-proof refrigerators, air-cooled three-door explosion-proof refrigerators, glass door refrigerated explosion-proof refrigerators, ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerators, horizontal explosion-proof refrigerators, stainless steel There are several forms of explosion-proof refrigerators and explosion-proof freezers, among which ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerators are divided into -60°C, -80°C and -150°C ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerators, multi-door multi-temperature explosion-proof refrigerators are divided into double-door double-temperature explosion-proof refrigerators, single-door There are three kinds of single-temperature explosion-proof refrigerators and double-temperature side-by-side explosion-proof refrigerators.

Similarly, in terms of explosion-proof grades, explosion-proof refrigerators are also distinguished according to the explosion-proof grades of the mixed gas hazard level and the temperature group.

3. Applicable scene selection of explosion proof refrigerator freezer

The refrigerator as an industrial explosion-proof electrical appliance is suitable for explosion-proof electrical appliances, such as laboratories, aerospace, medical places, national defense, etc., which need to store flammable and explosive products such as methanol, ethanol, petroleum ether, etc., but need to be stored at low temperature Items saved under.

The difference between explosion proof refrigerator freezer is the size, such as a single-temperature single-door explosion-proof refrigerator, which adopts the design of one door as a whole, which is small in size, and the space area is not enough, or the number of items to be stored is small and needs to be stored separately In the scene; the double-door and double-temperature industrial explosion-proof refrigerators are divided into two-door direct-cooling single-system explosion-proof refrigerators, which mainly have their own separate freezer and cold storage rooms, which are separated from each other, and the volume and capacity can be selected. of. Whether the explosion-proof refrigerator is cabinet or horizontal, it is the difference in volume and capacity. This can be selected according to the volume and category of the items to be stored.

4. Precautions for use of explosion proof refrigerator freezer

First of all, when purchasing, you must check whether the explosion-proof product has an explosion-proof qualification certificate. The more the better, the more authoritative the better.

When using the explosion proof refrigerator freezer, the following points should be noted:

1. Check the instructions carefully, which is a necessary step before using any explosion-proof electrical appliances;

2. It should be placed for a period of time, so that the internal structure of the refrigerator is stable before being put into use;

3. After the power is turned on, it is necessary to let the refrigerator run normally for a period of time before putting the items in the refrigerator for storage;

4. If the refrigerator is shut down during operation, do not operate it immediately, but wait for a few minutes before operating it to avoid damage to the equipment.

5. In short, be careful when using it. Every step of operation must wait for the refrigerator to stabilize before operating, especially in areas with high risk levels, avoid frequent operations.


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