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Details of Daily Use of Refrigeration Heating Recirculating Chiller

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Refrigeration heating recirculating chiller is a temperature control equipment to meet some temperature ranges in the laboratory. Pharmaceutical and chemical industries often encounter lneya refrigeration heating recirculating chiller in various reaction processes. If you want the cooling heating recirculating chiller to run smoothly, you need to pay attention to some use details.

  1. Suitable operating environment:

During the actual operation of the refrigeration heating recirculating chiller, it is necessary to ensure that all the surroundings are suitable operating environment, ensure that the environment is clean and tidy, effectively reduce dust, ensure the heat dissipation effect of the refrigeration heating recirculating chiller, effectively improve the cooling performance, and improve the stability of the whole equipment in a short time.

  1. Correct operation:

Before use, check whether each safety protection device is in normal state to avoid function damage and failure, so as to stop the machine in time.

(1) Before use, check whether the power connection is normal, whether there is loss, whether the oil pump is in normal state and whether the system pressure is between normal values.

(2) Lneya refrigeration heating recirculating chiller is a fully closed system, so the use of heat transfer oil heating produces less scaling. If it is an open pipeline, scaling is easy to occur, because the temperature cannot rise in time, and other dangerous situations may occur, which should be paid attention to.

(3) The refrigeration heating recirculation chiller needs to be operated according to the operation manual. Do not operate arbitrarily to prevent equipment failure.

(4) The refrigeration heating recirculating chiller needs regular maintenance during operation to reduce the corresponding failure rate and repair it in time in case of failure.

  1. Ensure normal temperature control:

During the operation of refrigeration heating recirculating chiller, attention should be paid to avoid some factors leading to non refrigeration or non heating. For example, the equipment environment of refrigeration, heating and recirculating chiller is not ventilated, there are many ash layers on the equipment surface, the refrigerant is missing, the refrigerant is insufficient, the filter is blocked, etc.

The refrigeration, heating and recirculating chiller is equipped with a reaction kettle for temperature linear control. During operation, these details need to be paid attention to and well maintained to make the equipment operate effectively for a long time.

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