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Detailed Analysis of Four Advantages of Industrial Water Chiller

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The four advantages of industrial water chillers are explained in detail.

Advantage 1: accurate temperature control capability

For industrial water chiller equipments, accurate temperature control ability is very important. For example, lneya industrial water chillers are all imported microcomputer digital temperature controllers, whose temperature can be accurate to ± 0.5 ℃, and the temperature control range: – 150 ℃ ~ 300 ℃. High quality temperature control equipment can not only accurately control the temperature, save energy consumption, but also protect the environment.

Advantage 2: high heat exchange efficiency

The advantages of shell and tube condenser and evaporator in industrial water chiller products mainly include simple structure, convenient maintenance, high heat exchange efficiency and so on. For example, lneya industrial water chiller series products adopt shell and tube condensers and evaporators uniquely designed by our company. Its heat exchange performance is better than that of ordinary products, and it has less cooling loss, easy oil return and no freezing crack of heat transfer tube.

Advantage 3: stable and reliable operation

As we all know, the compressor is the core part of the operation of industrial water chillers, and its role is no less than human heart. The refrigeration compressors used by Guanya are mainly high-quality compressors imported from abroad. The high-quality compressor can add points to the normal and stable operation of the industrial chiller, which is safe, power-saving, long service life and no noise.

Advantage 4: full range of protection devices

During the operation of industrial water chillers, you must worry about a series of problems, such as over-current overload, high and low voltage instability, icing and so on. Lneya industrial water chiller products are specially matched with a full range of safety protection devices, such as chiller protection device, reverse phase protector device, high and low pressure pressure protection device, water shortage automatic start emergency signal device, anti icing protection device, oil gauge pressure protection device, etc. In case of failure, our equipment can start the emergency signal in time and display the cause of the failure.

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