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Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) for High Density Load IT Equipment

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Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) for High Density Load IT Equipment

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The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) in the data center is one of the key equipment used to achieve heat dissipation in the data center. The principle of heat exchange is to achieve heat dissipation by flowing coolant through the cooling equipment and exchanging heat with the data center heat source.

Specifically, the Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) uses water or other cooling media as the coolant to deliver the coolant to the heat dissipation equipment through the water supply pipe. Equipment such as servers in data centers generate a large amount of heat. When the heat cannot be dissipated through natural convection or air conditioning systems, cooling equipment is needed to help dissipate heat.

The coolant passes through heat dissipation devices such as radiators or heat exchangers, which are usually made of metal materials with relatively large surface areas to increase heat dissipation. When the coolant flows through the cooling device, heat is transferred into the liquid through thermal convection, causing the temperature of the coolant to rise.

The coolant then flows back to the Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) and back to the original water supply source through the return pipe for recirculation of the coolant. During this process, the coolant absorbs heat from the cooling equipment and takes away the heat through a reciprocating process to achieve the cooling effect of the data center.

Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) is usually designed and controlled according to the needs of the data center to achieve the best cooling effect. Through reasonable design and good control, Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) can help keep the temperature of the data center within a suitable range and ensure the stable operation of the equipment.


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coolant distribution unit



ZLFQ Series (Custom Designs)

Coolant Distribution Units




Temperature range  +5°C ~ +35°C  +5°C ~ +35°C
Cooling Capacity 15 ~ 150kW 200 ~ 500kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized


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