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Common Faults and Routine Maintenance Methods of Chillers

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Common Faults and Routine Maintenance Methods of Chillers


During the operation of the chiller, equipment failures may occur due to various reasons such as harsh working environment, excessive heat load, improper operation and untimely maintenance, resulting in low work efficiency, equipment damage and reduced service life. Therefore, it is the daily work of the staff to understand the common faults of the chiller and do a good job in the maintenance and repair of the equipment.

Common faults of chillers:

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1. Compressor failure: the capacitor is burned out, the coil winding is abnormal, etc.

2. Water pump failure: caused by poor water quality or foreign matter, overloaded AC contactor, burned out capacitor, etc.

3. Refrigeration failure: insufficient refrigerant, compressor failure, throttling orifice failure, condenser dirty and blocked, poor heat dissipation effect, etc.

4. Electric control failure: high-voltage protection relay is damp, bad contact or damaged, unit electronic board is damp or damaged, communication failure, power phase voltage imbalance, power line voltage drop, etc.

Daily maintenance of the chiller:

1. Regularly clean the dryer, filter, condenser, etc.

2. Check the running status of the compressor, check the preparation, check its exhaust temperature and compressor oil, etc.

3. Check the water supply system for water, dripping, leaking and other problems.

4. Whether the water pump works normally and whether the valve switch is effective.

5. Regularly clean the impurities in the water tank.

6. Carry out maintenance once a year and a major overhaul every two years.

7. Cut off the power supply in time when the device is not used for a long time.

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