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Cleaning Steps for Low Temperature Chillers

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Cleaning Steps for Low Temperature Chillers


First, the cleaning steps of the chiller

1. Turn off the water source of the chiller, and clean up the water inside the unit components and the pipes, so as to avoid the residual water after the shutdown to corrode the unit components, or the temperature is too low to freeze the copper pipes. At the same time, the drain nut under the water pump should be unscrewed to drain the remaining water in the water pump to prevent the water system from freezing due to the low ambient temperature, the refrigerant leakage caused by the expansion of the evaporator or the damage of the water pump impeller.

2. Turn off the power and check whether each part is worn (if there is damage, it needs to be replaced in time).

3. Clean the fan of the air-cooled chiller and keep it in a clean state.

4. Check the water tank of the water tank coil evaporator to see if there is any debris such as scale and remove it.

5. Understand the use of lubricating oil through data records, and regularly replace lubricating oil according to the use standard to maintain a good lubricating state.

6. The ice water pipe of the chiller must be insulated, because the pipe insulation can not only prevent the serious loss of cooling capacity, but also prevent the condensation water formed on the outer wall of the pipe.

7. The air-cooled chiller is one of the chiller models. It cools the water at room temperature to a certain temperature through the compressor of the chiller to strengthen the cooling of the mold or machine. It is used as a stand-alone machine. The cooling device is a built-in fan. There are three main types. It is an interconnected system: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, electrical automatic control system.

Second, the surface cleaning of the chiller is also very important

After shutdown, you can use cleaning tools to clean the surface of the unit. When it is dry, cover the unit with a cloth or a cover, which can prevent dust and other debris from adhering to the unit, and ensure that the unit will be clean when it is used in the next year. chiller. By doing the above work when the unit is shut down, the problem of the chiller can be found and eliminated in time, so as to ensure the stable performance of the unit, and it is convenient for the unit to be put into use safely and quickly in the coming year. Another benefit is that the life of the unit will be longer.

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