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Battery pack water cooled chiller ushered in new opportunities

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Recently, with the continuous improvement of new energy battery research and development, it has triggered extensive attention in the industry. The new energy battery will help new energy industry rapidly, in the future, new energy cars is also a general trend.

The power battery is like a chip’s electronic product, and Chinese companies must not be absent, but must occupy a certain location. The development of the new energy battery industry has set off more than just a change in the automotive industry, because its industrial chain is huge and the effect is far-reaching. The power battery is the key to the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Whoever masters the power battery technology, whoever occupies the active advantage in the era of new energy vehicles. Mastering the core power battery technology will also be a chance of chances of Chinese companies that ruled more than 100 years by Europe and the United States.

However, the power battery has high cost, high technical density, high development and technology transformation, which has brought huge challenges for enterprises. However, power battery technology has not developed mature, and there is even technical routes; the power battery enterprise pattern is still in the stage of the group. This industry characteristics determines the cruelty of the competition of the power battery industry, but also shows its huge future development space. Given the advantages and disadvantages of power battery performance directly affect the market application of electric vehicles and the acceptance of ordinary consumers, such as safety, energy density, power density, life, and cost, this also determines whether the power battery technology can achieve quality breakthroughs. It is also the core key of the current car enterprise to quickly occupy the market.

Wuxi Guanya chooses from the power battery as a breakthrough, developing the new energy auto parts test equipment (new energy battery chiller, new energy battery water cooler) products widely applied to motor, battery pack performance test, fast lifting temperature and heat impact test And suitable environmental adaptive evaluation tests. Wuxi Guanya produced new energy battery chiller, new energy motor chiller and other series products have been promoted and used.

According to the person in charge of Wuxi Guanya Product Sales, the new energy battery chinee machine is connected to a test platform to a test platform adapter; the inner part is cooled and heated by ethylene glycol aqueous solution; test components need to undergo a specific temperature change Curve, and record temperature changes. The temperature change of new energy battery chillers is typically from -40 to 100 degrees (can be extended to 150 degrees), while controlling the flow or pressure while controlling the flow; configure a strong circulation pump while ensuring high The conveying of viscosity liquid; uses a variable frequency adjustment or proportional regulating valve to control the flow output, and achieve high-precision control of the total amount of regulation.

It can be seen that only from its cooling heating temperature control technology aggregation, R & D production capacity, Wuxi Crown Asia will become a force that cannot be ignored in the power of the refrigeration and heating equipment.

In addition to the development of new energy cells, Wuxi Crown is also a rapid development in other related industrial chain layouts. Since its establishment in 2010, Wuxi Crown has been focusing on the refrigeration and heat control system of the pharmaceutical chemical industry, water saving, freezing machine and other equipment research and development, Wuxi Guanya has stable in the entire pharmaceutical chemical industry, whether it is from the product Technical, or on the quality of equipment, the development of the pharmaceutical chemical industry can be described as possible.

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