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Battery Energy Storage System Cooling Solutions

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With the ever-increasing energy consumption across industries, having a steady and reliable source of energy is critical. More companies are tapping renewable energy sources such as wind and solar farms to meet rising energy demand. Although the efficiency has been greatly improved, these renewable energy sources are unstable and mainly depend on external factors, such as the weather or the time of day to generate large amounts of energy.

battery energy storage systems cooling solution

To ensure that power is always available when needed, users need to install battery energy storage systems (BESS) at the location of wind and solar farms. Battery energy storage systems are self-contained structures that can accumulate and store energy in rechargeable batteries for later use.

Inside every battery energy storage system, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries generate extremely high thermal loads when charging and discharging, because dissipating the heat within the system ensures that the batteries will not be damaged. As renewable energy generation continues to grow in popularity, and battery storage systems become more common around the world, many leading energy storage companies and battery producers rely on thermal expertise to keep them cool and perform at their best.

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