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Application of High and Low Temperature Cooling Heating Machine in the Reactor Industry

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The high and low temperature cooling and heating machine is suitable for temperature control of glass reactors, jacketed reactors, double reactors, high-pressure reactors, micro-channel reactors, metal reactors, and bioreactors for temperature control. Through the temperature change of the circulating medium in the sheath or coil, the temperature control of the material is realized, and the target process temperature of the material is controlled.

The temperature control of high and low temperature integrated heating and cooling machines in the pharmaceutical industry generally requires higher equipment requirements. Compared with the commonly used temperature range of -60°C ~ 100°C, a wider working temperature range is required. At the same time, different chemical reactions require different temperature profiles, and the high temperature and low temperature integrated units need to work at any different temperature points within this temperature range.

We know that some substances in chemical reactions are exothermic and some substances are endothermic. The temperature control unit needs to be cooled and heated over the entire temperature range, and to ensure the accuracy and stability of temperature control, it also needs to dynamically respond to different set target temperatures. Therefore, the requirements for the device are fast response speed, fast temperature switching and fast achievement of the target temperature.

The high and low temperature integrated device for temperature control of the high and low temperature cooling and heating machine adopts electric heating, which can rapidly increase the temperature of the circulating medium. It adopts energy-saving design, realizes the adjustment of cooling capacity, and can accurately control the temperature of materials, realize heat absorption of materials or rapid response to heat release, and meet the needs of pharmaceutical production in most industrial occasions.


The characteristics of the high and low temperature integrated machine are as follows:

(1) The cascade compression refrigeration cycle of the refrigeration unit can reach a lower temperature, and the heating adopts electric heating, which can quickly increase the temperature of the circulating medium;

(2) The adjustment of the cooling capacity change is realized. The refrigerant flow is mainly controlled by PID, the material temperature is accurately controlled, the traditional method is to use electric heating to offset the cooling of the compressor, which wastes energy;

(3) The combined control of heating and cooling realizes a rapid response to the absorption or release of heat by the material;

(4) The control of material temperature is mainly realized by refrigerant flow control, and the refrigerant proportional control valve adopts the valve body of the electronic expansion valve. Can achieve higher temperature control accuracy;

The temperature control of the high and low temperature cooling and heating machine is composed of a refrigeration cycle system, a heating cycle system and an automatic control system. For areas where the equipment has explosion-proof requirements, a positive pressure explosion-proof cabinet can be customized, which not only meets the explosion-proof requirements, but also reduces the number of explosion-proof components and reduces the production cost of the equipment.

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