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Application of Chiller in Plastic Industry

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Application of Chiller in Plastic Industry


The injection molding machine chiller mainly acts on the plastic processing machinery molding mold, injects chilled water into the flow channel inside the mold, cools the mold at a constant temperature through heat exchange, and maintains the temperature in a constant state to meet the needs of the production process. In this process, the mold is equivalent to a heat exchanger. The application of the refrigeration chiller of the injection molding machine greatly improves the surface finish of the plastic products, reduces the surface marks and internal stress of the plastic products, and makes the product easy to demould without deformation. Does not shrink, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

With the continuous expansion of the application fields of plastics, high-yield, precision and energy-saving plastic processing equipment has become an important direction of market development. In these processing processes, in addition to the traditional mainframes such as extruders, injection machines and other equipment, the application and development of refrigerators has become an important part of the plastic processing market. Plastic products (TVs, computers, washing machines, mobile phones, In the injection molding process of low-temperature refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic toys, automotive plastic parts, etc., whether the cooling (cooling) can be timely and effective will directly affect the surface finish and shape qualification rate of the product, thereby affecting production efficiency, production costs and Corporate profits. The production of plastic containers (bottle blowing) and packaging films is even more inseparable from chillers. If the plastic container cannot be cooled and shaped in time during the production process, the produced container will not be full, the wall thickness will be uneven, the color will not be bright, or even unable to be formed, resulting in low product quality. In the production of packaging film, if there is no cooling and forming of a chiller, it is impossible to produce qualified products. If the cold water provided by the chiller is used for cooling, it can not only greatly improve the product quality, but also improve the production efficiency.

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