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Application Fields of Dynamic Temperature Control System

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Refrigeration heating temperature control system is a device suitable for connecting reaction kettles for refrigeration and heating reactions in the pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries. In particular, the SUNDI series of LNEYA refrigeration and heating temperature control systems are mainly used to control the temperature and temperature of glass reactors and metal reactors.

First, application fields of refrigeration and heating temperature control system:

1. Pharmaceutical: synthesis, hydrolysis, esterification, etherification and other processes that require temperature control.

2. Chemical industry: rectification and purification, rubber crushing, low temperature grinding, chemical synthesis.

3. Electronics: environmental test of parts and components, simulation test of electronic components.

4. Aerospace: heat sink experiment, parts environment simulation test, evaporative cooling environment simulation test.

Second, the definition of refrigeration heating temperature control system:

This is a device that uses heat-conducting medium for dynamic temperature control of fluid refrigeration and heating. It is used in high-tech industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and semiconductors to help customers complete process temperature control. It is equipped with reactors, distillations, evaporators, and rotary evaporators. and other biochemical test equipment to control the cooling and heating of heat transfer medium or reaction material.

Third, application of refrigeration heating temperature control system:

Refrigeration heating temperature control system supporting reactor, supporting fermentation tank, extraction, supporting distillation, semiconductor equipment cooling, microchannel, material aging, combinatorial chemistry, vacuum chamber.

Fourth, the advantages of refrigeration heating temperature control system:

High temperature cooling technology, direct cooling and cooling at high temperature of 300 °C, fully closed circulation system, single medium temperature control, temperature: -90 °C ~ 250 °C High-precision intelligent temperature control, temperature control accuracy: ±0.5 °C Multifunctional alarm system and reliable Spectrum function, magnetic circulating pump, no shaft seal, solve the leakage problem of circulating pump.

Fifth, the reaction that the refrigeration heating temperature control system can be used for:

For polymerization, crystallization, oxidation reaction, catalytic hydrogenation reaction (hydrogenation reaction), nitration reaction, fluorination reaction, chlorination reaction, bromination reaction, epoxidation reaction, reamination reaction, helium azide reaction, hydrolysis reaction, polymerization reaction, photocatalytic oxidation reaction, rearrangement reaction, Michael addition reaction, peroxide preparation reaction, methylation reaction, low temperature reaction, Grignard reaction, epichlorohydrin preparation reaction, cyclization reaction, condensation reaction, Photocatalytic addition reaction, multi-step reaction series reaction, coupling reaction, acylation reaction, acid-base reaction, polymerization reaction, polymer synthesis, low molecular synthesis, crystallization, recrystallization.

Sixth, select the working conditions that the refrigeration heating temperature control system needs to provide:

Temperature range, which industry it is used in, what to use with it, temperature control accuracy, heating and cooling rate, cooling capacity, size, material, quantity of the matching reactor, reactor material, etc.

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