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Air Cooled Chiller System – Installation and Maintenance

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Air Cooled Chiller System – Installation and Maintenance


Installation location of air cooled chiller system

There are four main factors to consider:

– The distance between the air-cooled chiller and the temperature-controlled equipment: The distance between the air-cooled chiller and the temperature-controlled equipment should be minimized. This has the advantage of reducing the pressure drop and cooling loss of chilled water in the pipeline. And it is convenient to operate the equipment when the unit has no remote control function;recirculating heater chiller

– Influence of noise of air-cooled chiller: The noise of air-cooled chiller mainly comes from the compressor, circulating water pump and fan. Among them, the noise of fan is the main one. The noise of conventional small air-cooled chiller It is still relatively small, generally around 65dB(A), and can be used in an ordinary indoor environment. If it is used in a place with quiet requirements such as a laboratory, the noise reduction of the chiller needs to be considered. For air-cooled chillers with more than 20HP, it is recommended to install them in an outdoor environment a little far away from the working environment of personnel.

– Water supply and drainage requirements: Air-cooled chillers may need to replenish a certain amount of circulating water during use and subsequent maintenance, so the installation location should consider the water source for automatic water replenishment, and the circulating water can be easily discharged during equipment maintenance; if The air-cooled chiller adopts the method of manual water replenishment, so it only needs to consider the drainage problem of the equipment.

– Chiller installation environment: From the perspective of heat dissipation, it is better to install the air-cooled chiller outdoors than indoors, because there is a good ventilation environment outdoors, which can discharge the heat from the unit in time. The unit adopts a windproof and rainproof unit structure design, so the price will be more expensive than ordinary chillers. In addition, in order to facilitate the operation of the unit, it is very necessary to remotely connect the control and fault feedback parts of the chiller to the room.

Air cooled chiller system maintenance and testing

1 Check the stability of voltage and current

2 Check the compressor regularly

The necessary acceptance tests for chillers should be carried out in accordance with the principle of air tightness test first, vacuum test second, sub-item test first, and complete machine test last.

3 regular cleaning

In addition to checking the technical performance of the chiller, care should also be taken to protect the neat appearance of the unit and the cleanliness of the work site. When the air-cooled chiller has been running for 6 months, the entire system must be cleaned, such as pipes, filters, condensers, fans, etc., especially the fans, like our commonly used fans, are covered with dust and affect heat dissipation, so the cooling efficiency will decrease. directly lowered.

4 Regularly check the instrument

The temperature control meter is out of control, replace the temperature control meter, high-voltage fault, poor heat dissipation, radiator is too dirty, clean the radiator, the wind is not good, improve the ventilation condition, the cooling fan does not work, check whether the fan motor is burnt out, short-circuit repair or replace the motor motor, and the high-voltage engine is damaged , replace the high pressure engine.

5 Regularly check whether the refrigerant has decreased

Judge according to the high and low pressure pressure gauges on the front of the air-cooled chiller. When the chiller is running normally, the high pressure is 11-17kg and the low pressure is 3-5kg, which is the normal range. In the stop state, the high pressure and low pressure are all around 0.6kg.

The efficient cooling function of air-cooled chiller products is inseparable from the daily maintenance and safety inspection of the product, so it is very important to check the operation of the air-cooled chiller frequently. In addition to the above-mentioned main inspection aspects, it is also necessary to check the oil level and oil temperature of each compressor, check the main power supply voltage and current, and check whether the set value of the chilled water supply temperature is appropriate. If there is a problem, make changes in time.

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