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Advantages of Explosion-proof Chemical Chillers

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Advantages of Explosion-proof Chemical Chillers


1. The compressor of the explosion-proof chiller is an explosion-proof compressor of an international well-known brand. The compressor series can not only be explosion-proof, but also can be adjusted in four-stage capacity, which plays a role in energy saving and electricity saving.

2. The explosion-proof chiller adopts the Siemens control system. The color touch screen can clearly see the operation of the equipment, and the temperature control temperature can also be adjusted according to the cooling demand.

3. The use of special explosion-proof electronic control system and explosion-proof electrical accessories can prevent the chiller from other interference and maintain safe and stable work.

4. Brand shell-and-tube evaporators and condensers not only have sufficient heat exchange area, but also use externally threaded copper pipes to provide better sealing, strong heat exchange capacity, better continuous heat dissipation and heat exchange cycles, and stable explosion-proof chillers. cooling efficiency.

5. Like ordinary chillers, explosion-proof chillers are equipped with various protection measures, such as phase loss reverse protection, compressor overload/delay protection, high pressure/low pressure protection, water shortage automatic prompt protection, low temperature/anti-icing protection, etc.

6. The explosion-proof level can be customized according to customer needs.

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