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Advantages of Energy Storage Battery Liquid Cooling Unit

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The energy storage battery liquid-cooled unit mainly includes water-cooled plates, water-cooled tubes, water-cooled systems, etc., and the larger the capacity, the corresponding equipment and requirements are greater, such as water pumps, heat dissipation requirements, etc. In recent years, the application and development of various energy storage technologies in the field of new energy has increasingly become the main direction of energy storage applications in the future.

First, technical advantages

1. In the past, air-cooling technology was often used, but the battery capacity and power of the energy storage system are large, and the internal battery of the energy storage system is prone to uneven temperature distribution. Its high power density requires high heat dissipation, and the air-cooling technology occupies a large volume. The external environment is also greatly affected, and there are problems in safety, economy and efficiency in the heat dissipation process, and the emergence of liquid cooling technology just solves the above problems.

2. The advantages of the energy storage battery liquid cooling unit are mainly close to the heat source, uniform temperature, and low energy consumption. It is a temperature control technology for battery temperature management. Through convective heat exchange of the cooling liquid, the temperature management of each battery cell can be realized. , At the same time, the energy storage battery liquid cooling unit is more suitable for outdoor environments than air cooling.

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Second, market demand

It can realize the stability of energy storage, and at the same time reduce the floor area of the energy storage power station, and can maintain in different areas without stopping to achieve flexible operation and maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in various scenarios such as photovoltaic energy storage, wind power energy storage, and grid energy storage.

Third, working principle

The energy storage battery liquid cooling unit directly converts the high-power lithium-ion battery pack into AC power through the inverter. Normally, you only need to freely choose the charging period to charge the battery pack. When the lithium-ion battery pack is fully charged, it can be called at any time. The energy storage battery is an indispensable energy storage component of the solar photovoltaic power generation system. Its important function is to store the electric energy of the photovoltaic power generation system and supply power to the load when the amount of sunlight is insufficient, at night and in an emergency.

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