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Advantages of Cryogenic Refrigerated Circulators

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Advantages of Cryogenic Refrigerated Circulators


The low-temperature refrigerating circulator adopts an air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit for refrigeration and a microcomputer intelligent control system to provide low-temperature cooling circulating fluid, and use cooling water and low-temperature liquid to cool down or keep the temperature. It is suitable for chemical engineering, biopharmaceuticals, Physical experiments, etc. The low-temperature refrigeration circulator can be used in conjunction with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporators, fermentation tanks, chemical reaction kettles, freeze-drying equipment, biopharmaceutical reaction kettles).low temperature circulating chiller

The main performance of low temperature refrigeration circulator

1. Closed circulation: circulation device for closed loops such as cooling coils and heat preservation sleeves.

2. PID control: eliminate external factors that affect the temperature adjustment accuracy and reduce errors.

3. Circulating medium type: silicone oil, water, salt water, alcohol and other commonly used circulating medium in laboratories.

4. Outdoor installation type equipment: the device can be installed outdoors, suitable for factories and research institutes. Some devices can also be used indoors.

5. Space-saving: compact design, desktop type. There are also vertical models limited by the height of the laboratory.

6. Equipped with imported high-pressure pump: the pipe size is longer, which can stably carry out long-distance circulation, cool the experimental container or establish a second constant temperature field.

7. High-density corrosion-resistant materials: The key interfaces of the cooling coil, outlet, and return port are all made of stainless steel.

8. Energy saving: Equipped with imported frequency conversion compressor, frequency conversion adjustment is made according to the cycle load and the motor power of the refrigerator.

9. Microcomputer control: high-precision control, with various safety features, all operations are completed by pressing the touch software on the microcomputer intelligent controller, and the operation is simple and intuitive.

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