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Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Temperature Screw Chiller Refrigerants

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Temperature Screw Chiller Refrigerants


1. Water. Advantages: constant pressure specific heat is large, relative density is small, and the degree of corrosion to screw chillers and pipelines is small. No fire, no explosion, non-toxic, good reliability, high quality and low price. Disadvantages: The degree of freezing is high, and it can only be applied to chillers above 0 °C. Scope of application: Suitable for places where the cooling temperature is above 0 °C.

2. Salt water. Advantages: There are salt-dissolved water support points, which can reduce the freezing point temperature and increase the range of cooling media. Common brines used as refrigerants include sodium oxide solution and calcium chloride solution, which are suitable for medium and low temperature refrigeration systems. Defect: Pipe corrosion. Scope of application: It can be used as an ice maker with brine, refrigeration equipment for indirect refrigeration, or packaged food for refrigeration.

3. Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Advantages: low freezing point, stable characteristics, miscibility with water, wide application temperature coverage, low price, high thermal conductivity. Defects: The viscosity of the aqueous solution increases rapidly at ultra-low temperature and has a corrosive effect. Scope of application: Their solutions are generally used as coolants, and the usable temperature range is -50~0℃.

4. Dichloromethane and trichloroethylene. Advantages: Generally, liquid is used as the refrigerant, and the freezing point is low. Defects: high volatile matter, low melting point, great damage, easy to corrode. Application range: The usable temperature range is -100~-50℃.

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