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Advantages and Characteristics of Recirculating Chiller

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Recirculating chiller is a kind of air and cold water circulating device without cold water tower. (impurities and dust are easy to be mixed into the cold water tower, resulting in the blockage of the cooling water circulation circuit and the decrease of refrigeration capacity).

Recirculating chillers are designed for machines, scientific instruments or production processes that require cooling water through compressors. Compared with the traditional pool cooling method, it has several advantages.

Advantages of recirculating chiller:

1. Save water.

2. It can improve the production capacity of the required cooling equipment and instruments, prolong the service life and improve the product quality.

3. The anti-corrosion design can prevent the cooling water from blocking the pipeline for a long time.

Features of recirculating chiller:

1. Can make the environment bad impurities.

2. It is most suitable for areas with poor water quality, and other accessories of cold water tower can be omitted.

3. Large capacity condenser is adopted for easy operation of heat energy.

4. The fuselage contains thermal insulation water tank and water pump, and there is no need to install cooling water tower for heat dissipation.

5. Easy to install and move. However, it has high requirements for the working environment. First of all, because it is hot air circulation cooling, if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the chiller. In addition, if you want to put the chiller in a dust-free workshop with humidity requirements, I suggest you modify the water-cooled one. Because the air-cooled cold water will spray water vapor at the top to dissipate heat.

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