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-60℃ -80℃ -120℃ Low Temperature Air Cooled Recirculating Chiller

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-60℃ -80℃ -120℃ Low Temperature Air Cooled Recirculating Chiller


LNEYA specializes in R&D and production of low-temperature air-cooled recirculating chillers, with a cooling temperature range from -120°C to 30°C, which can meet different cooling temperature requirements. The products are widely used in low temperature reaction fields in chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries, with fast cooling speed, safety and reliability. The product uses a 7-inch or 10-inch color touch screen to display input and record temperature curves. The entire system is a fully closed system. There is no water absorption during low temperature operation, which ensures the purity of the cold heat transfer medium, prevents ice crystals, and improves the life of the heat transfer fluid.

Characteristics of low temperature air-cooled recirculating chiller:

1. Temperature control range: -120°C to 30°C, temperature control accuracy is ± 0.5°C

2. Using cascade refrigeration technology, the cooling capacity is available from 1 KW to 1000KW

3. Control system: programmable PLC plus touch screen

4. There are RS485 and R232 interfaces, which can communicate with the computer, so as to receive the settings of the computer and transmit the real-time temperature to the computer.

5. The transmission pump adopts magnetic pump, no leakage, no pollution, high lift

6. The liquid storage tank and pipeline are sealed and pressurized to prevent the refrigerant from volatilizing, dew condensation and freezing, and have liquid level indication

7. For small load heating, the hot gas bypass of the compressor can be used to heat the load

8. Multiple alarm protection functions: water cut, high water temperature, circulating pump failure, compressor overheating, high pressure, overcurrent, phase loss, phase continuity, etc.

9. Cooling method: air-cooled or water-cooled, the air-cooled condenser can be placed outdoors

Advantages of low temperature air-cooled recirculating chiller:

1. Safety protection devices: leakage circuit breakers of well-known brands such as Schneider, phase sequence and phase failure protectors, liquid level protectors, high and low protectors, high temperature protectors and other safety protection devices.

2. Intelligent computer control system: Siemens LCD display, display set temperature and control temperature, data communication interface, USB data export, Ethernet interface.

3. International brand imported accessories: a full set of imported cooling controls, international brand compressors and circulating pumps, which can meet continuous high temperature and low temperature continuous work and protect the system from loss.

4. Support customization: according to the working conditions, the pressure can be customized, and the positive pressure explosion-proof and isolation explosion-proof can be customized. Can be widely used in explosive hazardous places.

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