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-45°C to +250°C Heating and Cooling Circulating Systems

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-45°C to +250°C Heating and Cooling Circulating Systems


The heating and refrigeration cycle system is mainly a temperature control device such as physics, chemistry, and instruments. It adopts high-stability operational amplifiers and double-integral high-precision A/D conversion technology, and designs far-infrared heating technology. The product has short thermal balance time, small temperature fluctuations, and uniformity. it is good. Regardless of whether the heating and cooling cycle machine is air-cooled or water-cooled, the temperature device needs to be located in an operating environment with sufficient fresh air: a space of 30cm around it.heating cooling circulating system

The heat transfer medium selected by the heating and refrigeration cycle integrated machine: When selecting a heat transfer medium, attention must be paid to its temperature limit and lower limit, combustion, viscosity, freezing point, etc.

Do not use water as the heat conduction medium in the heating and cooling cycle integrated machine. Improper heat conduction medium will have a negative impact on the instrument and may cause damage to the device. Therefore, only use the heat transfer medium specified by the manufacturer and within the specified pressure range.

After the heating and cooling cycle integrated machine is filled, it is necessary to reset the equipment and adjust the parameters, which is the correct operation and use required by the instrument. The heat transfer medium pipeline of the refrigeration heating cycle system cannot be knotted, and the heat medium pipe should be checked regularly to avoid material strain. When using the refrigeration and heating cycle integrated machine, you need to pay attention to the pipeline.

Use characteristics of refrigeration heating cycle system

1. The cooling and heating cycle integrated machine has side air intake, side exhaust, and rounded corner design to prevent accidental injuries. It is equipped with casters and is more convenient to move. It is equipped with light-touch buttons for easy operation. The gallbladder is stainless steel, clean and hygienic, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

2. The cooling and heating cycle integrated machine is equipped with water, which is convenient for updating the medium. Optional function Refrigeration and heating all-in-one machine can choose two temperature sensors. Under the constant temperature field temperature, the start-up refrigeration function makes the target temperature more accurate.

3. The integrated cooling and heating cycle machine can also be used in industrial equipment and laser equipment, scientific experimental equipment rotary evaporator, distillation, fermentation equipment, laser, metal rapid prototyping equipment, vacuum coating machine, etc.

The heating and refrigeration cycle device is often matched with the reactor. Generally, the thermal energy is indirectly transferred to the materials in the reactor by heating the heat transfer oil in the jacket of the reactor, so as to control the temperature of the reaction material. The maximum operating temperature can reach 250 ℃. It can be equipped with different reaction kettles for cooling, heating and temperature control.

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