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-152℃ ~ +350℃ Reactor Cooling and Heating System Operation Steps

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-152℃ ~ +350℃ Reactor Cooling and Heating System Operation Step


The refrigeration and heating system adopts fluorine-free refrigeration system, which has stable and reliable performance and is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electronic instrumentation, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medicine and health, life science, light industry food, physical property testing and chemical analysis, etc. Schools, enterprise quality inspection and production departments provide users with a liquid environment with controlled heat and cold and uniform temperature when they work.

The refrigeration and heating system can directly start the compressor refrigeration at 200°C (without damaging the compressor), and directly conduct constant temperature tests or tests on test samples or produced products in the tank, which can be used for direct heating or refrigeration, as auxiliary heating or The temperature source of refrigeration, such as the temperature control of reactors, fully automatic synthesis equipment, extraction and condensation devices.

What are the precautions for using the refrigeration and heating system? cryogenic cooling chiller

1. Whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, the temperature control device must be located in an operating environment with enough fresh air, and the space should be large enough. the

2. The heat conduction medium pipeline cannot be blocked, and the heat conduction medium pipe should be checked and maintained regularly to avoid material strain and fission. the

3. In order to avoid damage to the integrated cooling and heating pipelines, users are using high mineral content, so it is necessary to regularly use water treatment chemicals to clean the dirt on the pipelines. the

4. Warm reminder, please be sure to disconnect the cooling water connection pipe when not in use, and clean up the remaining cooling water/heat transfer oil in the pipe, pack it and store it in a dry place. the

First, the cooling and heating system should be set before starting up:

1. When connecting to the power supply, first press the power button of the temperature control system of the reactor, and then press the stop button when the power is turned on;

2. Please adjust the temperature control meter to the desired temperature before operation;

3. The indicator light on the fault panel is on during the operation process and the temperature control system of the reactor stops working automatically according to the indicator light on the panel;

4. The accessories used to connect with the temperature-controlled equipment must be made of materials that can withstand high temperatures. According to the control temperature of the model, the specific materials will be different. Check it again after turning on the machine to avoid loosening. the

Second, how does the refrigeration and heating system refrigerate? 

The heat transfer medium is coolant, which transports the heat generated by other instruments or equipment that need to be cooled, and sends the heat to the outside of the equipment through the refrigeration system to ensure that the equipment works within the normal temperature range. The pressure of the pump in the device forms a closed medium circulation between the device and the instrument, and the temperature sensor detects the temperature of the medium to realize the control of the cooler. The temperature control system of the reactor is semi-closed, no oil mist volatilizes at high temperature, the heat transfer oil will not be oxidized and browned, and it will not absorb water vapor in the air at low temperature, which prolongs the life of the heat transfer oil. the

Third, the installation instructions of the refrigeration and heating system:

1. The temperature control system of the reactor should be installed on a well-ventilated, dust-free, stable ground or on an experimental table, avoiding droplets, steam, and places where inflow, stagnation, and leakage may occur, and avoiding places where high-frequency equipment can be generated ;

2. In the case of avoiding the frequent use of acid solution and special sprayer (including sulfide, etc.), the temperature control system of the reactor should try to ensure that the indoor unit and obstacles There is enough space between them to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of the reactor temperature control system, and not to damage the unit;

3. The unit should be placed horizontally and installed in a ventilated position to prevent the machine from being damaged by friction and overheating;

4. The temperature control system of the reactor is easy to install and operate, and does not require technical personnel to operate. It can be operated only by simple training for the operator, or by reading the manual.

The refrigeration and heating system has the characteristics of reasonable structure, easy operation, and good stability. It is a common equipment for pilot experiments and laboratory personnel, and is widely used in colleges and universities, environmental protection, biochemistry, medical treatment, chemical industry, scientific research and other fields. Welcome customers in need to visit and consult.

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